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Re: System becomes very slow after update to squeeze 6.0.1

not your exact issue, but i figured i'd spend a minute and help you a
little with google. these should give you some pointers for
troubleshooting the video:

sense you reinstalled, i'm sorta agreeing that it's a driver issue.
however, if you still want to sorta see whether it's an x issue:
swilson-mbp-vdebian:~/code/node# sa -c
      37  100.00%       2.43re  100.00%       0.02cp  100.00%
0avio      3145k
      26   70.27%       2.39re   98.65%       0.02cp   92.45%
0avio      3445k   ***other*
       2    5.41%       0.03re    1.26%       0.00cp    6.60%
0avio      3171k   dpkg
       2    5.41%       0.00re    0.01%       0.00cp    0.94%
0avio       964k   run-parts
       7   18.92%       0.00re    0.08%       0.00cp    0.00%
0avio      2643k   man*
(i didn't have acct on my system, so i don't have much of an example)
either way, if you have x, it should be at the top, if you have
something else shooting you it should be above x.

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