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Re: System becomes very slow after update to squeeze 6.0.1

This probably isn't your main problem. However, you'd probably run better on a 32 bit OS.

But, I'd Google that whole string lspci pops out as your video card and see what comes up. About 25% of the time I find someone else's decent config with the video card that I just go with it and its a 30 minute job to read, test, and alter the config to suite me. The rest of the time is Google, hack around, Google some mote, and go back to hacking around.

Either way, today I have as much issue with linux on a laptop as on a desktop. This to say, I have less issues with linux than I do with windows.

If you're still stuck, post an lspci, lsmod, w, and your xorg config. Also get the acct package and make sure you've got a /vat/wtmp file. And 'slow' means about as much as 'its not working'.

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