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Re: System becomes very slow after update to squeeze 6.0.1

Dne, 25. 03. 2011 03:40:29 je Jackie Wang napisal(a):
Hi all,

My laptop is HP 6515b, AMD Turion 64x2 CPU, 2G memory with dual system,
Debian and windows XP. First time I installed Debian Lenny 5.0.4 amd64
on my laptop, DE is Gnome. Then upgrade to 5.0.6, then 6.0. Until 6.0 it
works very well. But recently after i updated to 6.0.1 the system
becomes very slow. I notice the process Xorg consume many CPU usage.
even i open a terminal window, it pop up very slow.today i fresh
installed my laptop,using netinst method
(debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst.iso).but after installed the system still
very slow, Xorg still consume many CPU. but windows XP runs normal, so i
think 6.0.1 has some problem. does anybody encountered this situation?

What's your video card? ATI, I presume? Carefully go through your Xorg.0.log and see whether there are any (EE) messages. They usually give a pretty good hint at what might have gone wrong. In all probability, you just have a rogue configuration somewhere, such as a misconfigured kernel mode setting, or a kernel module loading in the wrong order.

BTW,can i just install debian 6.0 not 6.0.1? i have 5.0.4 DVD and 6.0.1
netinst CD.

That wouldn't be too wise. You really *should* keep your Debian updated. The way to go is to file a bug report with this "6.0.1. regresssion", and the Debian maintainers will fix that for you (and for the rest of us) in no time.


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