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Re: iceweasel 4 on squeeze?

On 26/03/11 14:37, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
I *found* it, but it had moved for no reason. Like a wife that
rearranges the furniture for no reason except "I was bored".

Gotta agree with that one! The same problems arose with MS Office
updates, the earlier versions were easy to work with, the newer
"updated" versions are completely different -- change for change sake?
Don't fix what is NOT broken. :(

For some values of broken.

I have no problem with the UI changing if the end result is better. My definition of *better*, of course. The "new tab" button is IMHO an improvement.

Yes, I had to spend some time fiddling around with the UI options to make it look like I wanted, (the home button; the reload button) but there it is. Personally I rather like FF4.

It is without any doubt faster, which alleviates one major complaint from chrome users against FF. That, in itself, justifies it's existence.

But, hey, YMMV ...

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