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Re: iceweasel 4 on squeeze?

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 03/24/2011 10:21 AM, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
On 24/03/11 14:52, Ron Johnson wrote:

Because of the radical changes in v4.0, I *strongly* urge that you
install FF 4.0 to /usr/local/bin or ~/bin, since you or your wife might
(as I do) dislike the way that v4 works.

Care to elaborate on what you dislike about it?

A bunch of small stuff:
- right clicking on a tab doesn't have "New Tab" anymore.
- When right-clicking on a link, the order of "Open in New Window"
  and "Open in New Tab" are reversed.
- Tools->Addons opens a childish-looking Tab instead of the current,
  functional window.
- The "Old Location Bar" doesn't work anymore.
- The new theme is, I think, stupid looking.

Like GNOME v3, they're Fixing What Ain't Broken and that pisses me off.

Right on.


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