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Re: iceweasel 4 on squeeze?

On 26/03/11 09:41, Brian wrote:
> On Fri 25 Mar 2011 at 14:45:52 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
>> and it does not offer to save my setup anymore, so after I quit I have  
>> to start all over gain... POC
> Mine doesn't offer to save open tabs either but on restarting it does
> present a Google search field and the option to restore the previous
> session.
Both Iceweasel4 and Firefox4, on both Lenny and Squeeze do for me. I run
KDE (3x and 4x respectively).

What do you have for the value of browser.tabs.warnOnClose in about:config?

Also under Preferences --> Tabs what do you have selected?

I am using Sync, NoScript, and Firebug, which *do* change settings.

Relevant settings:-

browser.tabs.warnOnClose: true
browser.warnOnQuit: true
browser.startup.page: 1 or 2


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