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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


Tom H wrote:
> It looks like you've found a gem, especially given the external card
> and this post by Colin Watson (#54):
> One effect of these changes was to load the video_cirrus and video_bochs
> modules by default (you can test whether this is the culprit by
> commenting them out in grub.cfg).  I've seen a handful of systems that
> hang while trying to enumerate the PCI bus in GRUB; it so happens that
> those are the only modules that usually trigger GRUB's PCI bus
> enumeration in normal circumstances ...
> You can also verify this at a lower level by trying 'lspci' at a GRUB
> prompt.  If it's the same problem, this will hang.

Just tried to execute 'lspci' from GRUB prompt. Worked fine - no freeze.
... so may be it is another cause, but the same symptom ...

kind regards


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