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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 1:56 AM, Geronimo <geronimo013@arcor.de> wrote:
> Tom H wrote:

>> - Does grub-probe on squeeze and maverick return the same values?
> Looks like this is true. See attachments.

Yes. Although the "after some reboots" result of having hd4 correspond
to sda is strange.

>> - Can you chainload squeeze's grub from maverick's?
> From maverick the boot drive after update-grub is now hd2
> output from chainload:
>        booting a command list
>        error: no such partition
>        Press any key to continue
> When I edit the chainload-entry and change "hd2" to i.e. hd1, the output is as
> follows:
>        booting a command list
>        error: hd1,msdos2 cannot get C/H/S values
>        Press any key to continue
> From the ubuntus grub.cfg both ubuntu and debian are bootable.

May be we should've also used "search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set
59c82698-6fcc-4512-a51c-261348d637da" rather than "set
root='(hd2,msdos2)'" just to be sure to be using the correct

However, I'm not sure that it would've worked. Even though you can
chainload grub2 from grub1 with "kernel /boot/grub/core.img", I can't
seem to be able to chainload grub2 from grub2 with "linux
/boot/grub/core.img". "configfile ..." workd (thankfully) but it isn't
quite what I wanted to check... Sorry.

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