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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

On 22/03/11 04:53, Geronimo wrote:
> Hello,
> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Geronimo:
>>> the last update of debian broke my system completely!
>> I am very sorry for your wasted time and loss of data. I see why you
>> need to let off steam. 
> Thank you very much! - usually I'm not that coarse.

The language doesn't offend - but this list goes out over radio where
that language breaks the law.
A tirade without any useful information on the actual problem does
offend (especially around midnight).

>> Nevertheless I think this threads leads nowhere unless you are more specific
>> about the hardware in use and what kind of upgrade you actually ran. Instead
>> of insulting Debian developers you could try to help them get the problem
>> fixed (or make them aware in the first place).

Running through the gun club yelling fire will get you attention, but
not the assistance you wish.

>>> ... and now a system breaks on the fact of having an external SATA-
>>> controller?!? Is that really so exotic, that no one tests that, before
>>> moving packages into stable?

You'll find the grub(2) developers would, if they could.
The firmware is part of the issue....
See the first couple of results from this:-


Kudos for not dumping and running.

Aside from the other worthy suggestions made by more informed posters
than myself - there is grub-legacy.

Note:- my upgrade experiences have not been trouble-free - I was cursing
the lack of documentation on kde-plasma-netbook until dawn. But I have
not upgraded my main work machines, and will not for while security
updates continue - a lesson learned back in the floppy install days.

And, as I'm sure you've been told, stable means feature frozen - not
perfect or error free. Sometimes it's just a way to force developers to
pay attention to bug-reports instead of endlessly adding new features
(ie no more moving the f*&#ing goal posts)


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