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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Geronimo:
> > the last update of debian broke my system completely!
> I am very sorry for your wasted time and loss of data. I see why you
> need to let off steam. 

Thank you very much! - usually I'm not that coarse.

> Nevertheless I think this threads leads nowhere unless you are more specific
> about the hardware in use and what kind of upgrade you actually ran. Instead
> of insulting Debian developers you could try to help them get the problem
> fixed (or make them aware in the first place).

With my last post I wrote about my specific hardware.

If you tell me, what I could do to improve system and how I could do - of 
cause I'm willing to do any tests, that help improve system!

> > ... and now a system breaks on the fact of having an external SATA-
> > controller?!? Is that really so exotic, that no one tests that, before
> > moving packages into stable?
> If you are under the impression that every package needs to pass
> coordinated QA testing before it enters stable, then you are wrong.

I followed quite a time several debian MLs and yes, my opinion from reading 
the discussion between developers was, that debian has a coordinated QA 

> If nobody tested your setup using testing or sid, then you are basically
> out of luck.

I had the same issue when squeeze was testing and I reported it to this ML. 
But most comments leaded to my own problem. No one was willing to accept, that 
there's a big issue with grub.
Even now - I don't have the impression, that anybody accepts, that my 
situation is a grub issue.
> > ... and the installer? Crashes on installing, when /usr and /var are
> > different partitions which should not be formatted. Huh???
> This looks like a separate issue which you might want to report against
> debian-installer. BTW, using unformatted /var and/or /usr for a fresh
> installation looks like a bad idea to me.

So, may be you can guide me to a better use case, when the system is broken 
and the machine does not work any more. 
I'm not a system specialist - just a user, so I do what I know or what I can 
google about.

Any advice on how to do it better is welcome.

kind regards


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