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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

> the last update of debian broke my system completely!

I am very sorry for your wasted time and loss of data. I see why you
need to let off steam. Nevertheless I think this threads leads nowhere
unless you are more specific about the hardware in use and what kind of
upgrade you actually ran. Instead of insulting Debian developers you
could try to help them get the problem fixed (or make them aware in the
first place).

> ... and now a system breaks on the fact of having an external SATA-
> controller?!? Is that really so exotic, that no one tests that, before moving 
> packages into stable?

If you are under the impression that every package needs to pass
coordinated QA testing before it enters stable, then you are wrong. If
nobody tested your setup using testing or sid, then you are basically
out of luck.

> ... and the installer? Crashes on installing, when /usr and /var are different 
> partitions which should not be formatted. Huh???

This looks like a separate issue which you might want to report against
debian-installer. BTW, using unformatted /var and/or /usr for a fresh
installation looks like a bad idea to me.

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