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Re: Input methods and terminal - any ideas?

On Tue, 01 Mar 2011 11:16:31 +1100, Rob Hurle wrote:


> To my surprise, I find that Gnome terminal
> already has all of the input methods that I need. Where did they come
> from?  Neither konsole nor xterm seem to have an input method option. 

SCIM is enabled with GTK+ and so most of the GNOME apps provide the right-
click input method facility.

> Does anyone know if I can re-jig the input methods of terminal so that I
> can access them directly through OpenOffice, Iceweasel or KDE
> applications (apart from copy and paste)?

OOo and Iceweasel are... well, better if you read it from here:


For KDE/Qt there is additional information on that same page :-)



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