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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

On 02/03/11 23:43, I wrote:
> In my hands it was uninstallable.  With an md5sum-checked CD of this:
>   Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.0 "Squeeze" - Official i386 NETINST Binary-1 \
>     20110205-14:34
> it booted, got about halfway through the install, and then started giving CD
> errors.  I tried a second checked CD as well, and trying to install from a
> flash drive also gave CD errors.  I filed bug report #613835.

On 2011-03-02 14:11:20 GMT, Scott Ferguson replied:

> Did you just do the breadcrumb (hit enter) install?


> did you try only the one dvd drive?

Yes.  I figured the drive was OK because it worked for installing 5.0.8 and

> I no longer have that netinst image (replaced with last nights one)- so I
> can't test it.

I also just deleted my copies.  I do still have the two CDs I made but don't
know how to regenerate the iso file from the CDs (unless a copy of the intact
iso file is on the CD; I forget).

It's been two weeks now, but as best I can recall I selected Auto-Partition
because I couldn't get Manual to work.  (I usually use Manual.)  Once Auto
was selected I could change whatever I wanted anyway.

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