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Input methods and terminal - any ideas?

  I'm fairly new to Debian, but not to Unix.  I'm using a standard
Lenny install (Squeeze later, when I have more confidence) and use KDE
as the desktop.  I need to use an input method for non-English scripts
and have been reviewing scim and the offerings there.  I am not ready
to install this yet, but have installed all the fonts I will need
(UTF-8) and the locale is set appropriately.  To my surprise, I find
that Gnome terminal already has all of the input methods that I need.
Where did they come from?  Neither konsole nor xterm seem to have an
input method option.  Does anyone know if I can re-jig the input
methods of terminal so that I can access them directly through
OpenOffice, Iceweasel or KDE applications (apart from copy and paste)?

  Any ideas would help.  Thank you.

Rob Hurle

Rob Hurle
ANU, College of Asia and the Pacific
School of Culture, History and Language
Histories of Asia and the Pacific
e-mail:              rob1940@gmail.com
Telephone (ANU): +61 2 6125 3169
Mobile (in VN):  +84 948 243 538
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