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Re: Intermittent internet since upgrading to squeeze

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 22:31:55 +0200, George wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Camaleón wrote:

>> Simple ethernet networking can be "not that simple" :-)
>> Are you using dhcp or any dial client (pppd)? Are you using
>> NetworkManager?
>> Can you still make local pings?
>> Can you browse the web if you specify the IP address of the host?
>> Ethernet card and driver?
> I'm using dhcp. I don't know if I'm using networkmanager. 

It is enabled by default, so if you didn't turn it off it should be up, 
configured and running.

> Once the problem starts I can only ping localhost. 

When it happens, run "/sbin/ifconfig" to get the current status of your 
network adapter and also "ip ro" to display the available routes.

> I can't even ping the gateway router. 

That can mean that you have lost all of your network card data (ip, 
netmask, gateway...). The above commands will tell.

> My /etc/network/interfaces is as follows:


> # The primary network interface
> allow-hotplug eth0
> iface eth0 inet dhcp
> auto eth0

Then you are using a dhcp server to get all the data for the interface. 
You will have to find out why you are losing contact with your dhcp 
server, which I guess is configured in the router itself, right?

As first step, you could (as root):

grep -i dhcp /var/log/syslog



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