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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

On 02/03/11 23:43, Steve Kleene wrote:
> In my hands it was uninstallable.  With an md5sum-checked CD of this:
>   Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.0 "Squeeze" - Official i386 NETINST Binary-1 \
>     20110205-14:34
> it booted, got about halfway through the install, and then started giving CD
> errors.  I tried a second checked CD as well, and trying to install from a
> flash drive also gave CD errors.  I filed bug report #613835.
> I was able to install testing (Wheezy) from a CD and have given up on Squeeze.

Did you just do the breadcrumb (hit enter) install?
I used the non-gui, full option, install (expert) with manual
partitioning - same version as the one you've quoted above.

While it's unlikely that acpi would 'cause your problem (I'm guessing) I
have had a case some years ago where Xandros would only install if acpi
was forced - in my, current, case I don't think it was needed for the
install - I'm just lazy and new that these boxen (three boxes, one
laptop) require it or shutdown results in a hang. I suspect that either
the gui option or auto-partitioning "might" be a cause.
Additionally I have seen similar errors to what you describe in your bug
report when installing Lenny onto old Toshibas last year - it puzzled me
for a while why an install from the cd should stop part way through due
to not being able to find the cd it was installing from... then it
dawned on me that I needed to force DMA off on the cd drive.

Your bug report does not say which install options you chose.... did you
try only the one dvd drive?
I note you tried a usb-key install which makes me guess it wasn't a
problem with the cd drive reading the inner tracks.

Unfortunately I no longer have that netinst image (replaced with last
nights one)- so I can't test it. I heard no complaints about the
machines built with that image though. I shall be building some
virtualbox appliances tomorrow with the latest netinst - I'll post here
if I have any problems.

Seems it wasn't that many years ago when I could never seem to find any
linux distro that "just" installed by hitting enter - I got so used to
having to try every install option that I could never bring myself to do
the default chicken install. Note: we call it chicken not because it's a
weak option - simply because we hoped we could glue bread to the enter
key and leave a chicken to earn our wages while we went to the pub.


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