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Re: Squeeze. After Trinity istall no boot background picture

Jimmy Johnson wrote:

> If you install 'desktop-base' you will get the complete Debian Squeeze
> Theme.
> As far as Trinity goes, if you are running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS then Trinity
> works fine, Tim and his helpers are Ubuntu Users and don't know how to
> build Trinity for Debian and that is a big problem, now that Squeeze has
> gone gold maybe a Debian Developer will step-up and build KDE3 for
> Squeeze, in the meantime KDE 4.5.3 from http://qt-kde.debian.net is a
> fantastic desktop, in my opinion, much better than KDE 4.4.

I'm using trinity for few weeks in production and there are no issues with
it. it's just perfect.

I was able to build apps for trinity only from inside kdeveloper, I guess
there are some preconfigured settings for the paths and libs.

As far as I've tested kde4.5 it could still not convince me to move to it.

There are still too many things that are not working well. And not because
debian has older version in the repo, but because the code is still faulty


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