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Re: Squeeze. After Trinity istall no boot background picture

On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 21:01:26 +0300, Mark Goldshtein wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 6:21 PM, Camaleón wrote:

>>> I have tried to find background image but do not know name and
>>> location. Wide search brought me nothing.
>> (...)
>> You can get it from here:
>> http://svn.debianart.org/themes/spacefun/
> Thank you for an advice!
> You are always here, Camaleón, and ready to help, that very supportive.


> offtopic---
> As a matter of fact, I killed my Debian installation. 

Oh, my... what happened?

> The way it happend was simple, I have installed "trinity" with trivial 
> command # apt-get install desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity, so, as it
> seems to me, it may be uninstalled with adequate and predictable
> command. Obviously, my opinion about what "install/uninstall" command
> means, does not comply with sharp and strict vision of such processes
> of "trinity" creators.

May I ask why did you want to remove Trinity packages? :-?

> Well, "trinity" takes with itself into the void my standard GNOME
> desktop also.


> Yes, of course, my knowledge of linux systems is very basic and it is
> the only reason I have no power to resurrect the system in its glory,
> which is, of course, possible for an any advanced padawan.

Trinity has its own mailing list. Maybe, before making any undesiderable 
movement, you should have asked there. Anyway, I also find difficult to 
play with several desktops (I mean, removing a whole DE is not always as 
easy as installing it) :-/



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