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Re: lenny to squeeze upgrade health check....

Hi Michael,

Michael Fothergill wrote:
# script -t 2>~/upgrade-squeeze.time -a ~/upgrade-squeeze.script

This is not specific to the upgrade, it can be used at any time (almost).

A very dumb question I have about this is do you do aptitude
dist-upgrade before you run this command or afterward?  There doesn't
seem to be much point trying to collect something before you have
started to do it....  Would it crash because it couldn't find any
squeeze upgrade activity if you ran it before you started the upgrade?

It records the screen and any text printed to it or entered from the keyboard. What's more, you can replay it at different speeds if you like -- slow it down or speed it up (not on the fly).

Very handy to record any activities and you can start it any time you like. Combine with screen and you've got a great way to "document" the task.

Having a script of a normal install process would be fantastic; I'm sure it could be added easily enough too!


Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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