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Re: lenny to squeeze upgrade health check....

On Sunday 06 February 2011 12:13:33 pm Michael Fothergill wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> I upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze on my AMD64 box.  It did work but I
> got some grumbles about the package grabbing applet not being able to
> find some files it wanted from the repositories and some grumbling
> about one or two disorganised package dependencies in Openoffice and
> other minor grumbles.
> But I am running it nevertheless.   What commands could I run to do a
> sort of upgrade health check?  Something like aptitude
> sniff-out-bad-dependencies
> and aptitude try-to-repair-them-if -possible?
> I used the mirror.ox.ac.uk as the repository.  ftp.uk.debian.org
> seemed to be out of commission for a while but I think it is working
> again now.
> Comments appreciated.
> Michael Fothergill
> P.S.  The window managing program that starts xwindows automatically
> from the login prompt doesn't seem to have installed so I am having to
> type startx at the terminal but then gnome fires up OK.....


esp. chapter 4: 4.4.6 upgrading kernel & udev.

Failures of X are logged in  '/var/log/Xorg.0.log'

One thing I noticed is apt-get  is recommended now, for more tasks.


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