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lenny to squeeze upgrade health check....

Dear Folks,

I upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze on my AMD64 box.  It did work but I
got some grumbles about the package grabbing applet not being able to
find some files it wanted from the repositories and some grumbling
about one or two disorganised package dependencies in Openoffice and
other minor grumbles.

But I am running it nevertheless.   What commands could I run to do a
sort of upgrade health check?  Something like aptitude
and aptitude try-to-repair-them-if -possible?

I used the mirror.ox.ac.uk as the repository.  ftp.uk.debian.org
seemed to be out of commission for a while but I think it is working
again now.

Comments appreciated.

Michael Fothergill

P.S.  The window managing program that starts xwindows automatically
from the login prompt doesn't seem to have installed so I am having to
type startx at the terminal but then gnome fires up OK.....

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