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Re: Unusable Squeeze: Can't switch off from X to consoles, neither between

On Sat, 05 Feb 2011, Camaleón wrote:
> On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 02:30:10 +0100, Pier Paolo wrote:
> > Fresh installation of squeeze here, machine AMD Athlon II x2, board Asus
> > M4A78LT-M LE with integrated Radeon 3000.

I sure hope the discrete Radeon 3000 is supported by KMS (should be, it is
supposed to be a r600).

> > The problem is:
> >   1)  startx on openbox
> >   -  Switching between consoles (CTRL+ALT+Fn) make appear a blank
> >   screen, -  returning to X works (ALT+F7)
> >   2)  exit from openbox
> >   -  X closes, but the screen keep blank (black...), for every console
> > (ALT+Fn doesn't work)!

Because that's exactly what happens in a Radeon X300 (which _is_ supported)
if you do _NOT_ enable KMS.

Squeeze, on Radeon GPUs, is basically unusable right now unless you have KMS
working _or_ you never suspend, hibernate or try to switch back to a text

> Does disabling KMS make any effect?

Actually, I'd try to make sure KMS is enabled, instead :)

Note: you need either the Debian or Ubuntu patched kernels, or you need the
latest longterm 2.6.35 patch level, or the latest stable patchlevel for
2.6.36.  Anything else is likely to simply not work (e.g. latest longterm
2.6.32 doesn't work).

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