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Unusable Squeeze: Can't switch off from X to consoles, neither between

  Fresh installation of squeeze here, machine AMD Athlon II x2, board Asus M4A78LT-M LE with integrated Radeon 3000.

The problem is:
  1)  startx on openbox
  -  Switching between consoles (CTRL+ALT+Fn) make appear a blank screen,
  -  returning to X works (ALT+F7)
  2)  exit from openbox
  -  X closes, but the screen keep blank (black...), for every console (ALT+Fn doesn't work)!

So what??? Please, a mediacenter/server is unusable without VTs...

This problem arise with standard Xorg installation (xorg-video-ati) and radeon driver, and now with fglrx drivers

  Thank you,
Pier Paolo.

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