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Re: Unusable Squeeze: Can't switch off from X to consoles, neither between

On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 19:03:10 +0100, Pier Paolo wrote:

> 2011/2/5 Camaleón


>> > This problem arise with standard Xorg installation (xorg-video-ati)
>> > and radeon driver, and now with fglrx drivers
>> Does disabling KMS make any effect?
> Sorry, a bit new to ATI/AMD stuff (i owned a beloved
> AthlonXP+Radeon-very-old and radeon drv): how to disable KMS?

While using "radeon" driver, you can append to kernel line the 
"nomodeset" parameter at GRUB boot menu. It is documented here:


>> I would also look at xorg's log ("/var/log/Xorg.0.log") for any clue.
> Yep... I can attach the Xorg log as it is now: radeon drv and seems ok,
> but i feel it very poor on 3D (at less with xbmc, however throwed
> away); I will reinstall frglx and tell you, actually with radeon i can
> switch between consoles, and that's what i want
> ...finding my way on mythtv... so not too much time to reproduce this
> bug, tomorrow i'll be ok to post the xorg log;
> Thanks very much.

Okay, just remember that closed drivers are not eligible for bug 
reports ;-(



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