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Re: Display or graphics problems

on 19:26 Wed 02 Feb, 陈飞 (yinhuleopard@yeah.net) wrote:
> Just install success, reboots display shows "input does not support"
> Designates mode can enter, single user mode startx after, display
> shows "input does not support", Windows can be activated.
> Installation is AMD64 5.07, showing the hd4250 -, display yi beauty
> GuanJie) ENV1923 Michelson (LCD1923 (19.1 inches)

Given your user name glyph and IP address, I'm going to guess that
Chinese character support (and possibly internationalization) are
missing from your system.

If this list can't help you, you might find more useful (and
native-language) support on debian-chinese-gb:


Alternately, you may have an X.org problem, in which case posting
/var/log/Xorg.0.log would be helpful.

Dr. Ed Morbius
Chief Scientist
Krell Power Systems Unlimited

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