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Re: Spam Rules, per argument (Re: Any package for surveys?)

On 28/01/11 19:16, Chris Brennan wrote:
> Off-list, BCC to postmaster@freebsd and debian lists
Unfortunately, I think it is best if people see what you are saying.
Read on for further understanding.

> On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 12:56 PM, elbbit <elbbit@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 28/01/11 16:50, Chris Brennan wrote:
>> I am very content.
> Then be content to find the right forum, this isn't the right one.
Could you be kind enough to indicate where the correct forum would be?
According to the advice offered to me by the Zeitgeist Movement (a large
collection of people) any forum is suitable for this issue.

>> I forgive you for being misguided.
> Eff you and your insufferable forgiveness. I do not forgive you, I don't
> care to forgive you and I most certainly do not want your forgiveness.
I forgive you all the same.

>> I understand your frustration.  However, I am asking if you know of any
>> way in which we can move the world forward using free software as a
>> means?  You, me, the world, we are all here together, and a global
>> awakening is happening.  If it is not me it will be someone else, sooner
>> or later.
> Your in insufferable miscreant bastard, suck on that label.
I forgive you again.

>> I forgive you.  The combination of words that I am currently writing
>> into Thunderbird which will move through the system to your screen and
>> into your consciousness for you to make a decision on what combination
>> of words to write back... can be "spam" for you, or "idea" to another.
> Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast
> media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages
> indiscriminately. ... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_(electronic))
Thank you for the reference to the definition.  I peruse it at my leisure.

>> I am no wiser than you.  Nobody has once yet said "oh, yeah, you reckon
>> you can change the world then, yeah, well, what do you reckon is gonna
>> replace money?"
> I have a baseball bat that would love to teach you wisdom. BATTERS UP!
I am showing the people who are aware of this discussion what you have
implied.  I forgive you for being so misguided.  I do know if my family
would be able to forgive, though, in the event anything may come of this.

>> Instead, all I see is bickering over whether or not I am "permitted" to
>> send mail to you.  If we can work together on this problem, we will find
>> the solution.
> I'll give you something to bicker over you child.
I forgive you.  For the record, I am aged 30 years.

>> Please direct me to etiquette, in particular, to the part which you feel
>> I have not adhered to.
> The mighty internet is at your fingertips, or so you have claimed, the
> information is readily there, GO LOOK IT UP!
I request the same from yourself, only, whilst I will check your
reference to the definition of SPAM, I ask that you search for the
Zeitgeist Movement, and learn a little bit about the cause of my motivation.

>> I understand that you are more motivated to forward mail with many key
>> strokes instead of a single push of "DELETE."
> You'll care, once you can no longer send e-mail.
I forgive you for wanting to treat me this way.  Others will see how you
are treating me and judge for themselves if they approve of your
character or not.

>> I forgive you for being so misguided.
> Let me be more plain, FUCK YOU
Oh dear.  I forgive you.  I have hope for you.

>> I forgive you.  I do not know what the ISP will do, nor do I know if
>> they will forgive you.
I forgive you.

>> You are not superior to me, and you are not inferior to me.  We are the
>> same, as humans.
> WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!
Are you saying that you don't care for other humans?

>> I do not fear the truth.  I am merely expressing an opinion.  I am
>> allowed to have an opinion, am I not?
> No you are not you little cock-sucker, talk about freebsd on this list and
> you'll be surprised how receptive we are, talk about this dribble and all
> you do is piss us off.
I forgive you.  I think there are some who are watching this discussion
and I further think we both have a feeling that some people may have
been swayed by my argument.  But - this is not a question of who is
right or who is wrong, who has more supporters or what not: it is more
of a chance crossing of two humans expressing themselves.

>> I came from my mother, just as you came from yours.  I am not sorry you
>> are unable to accept that my opinion differs from yours, and I hope that
>> we resolve this.
Now that you have enabled me to create such a heated debate in front of
all these mailing list users, I am welcoming you to the possibility that
a world without money is coming.  People are searching, people are
learning, people are starting to understand our collective problem.
Only by addressing the root cause will we be able to create a better
world for ourselves.

Unfortunately, neither myself or many involved with the Zeitgeist
Movement are able to remain silent any longer.  The world around us is
an amazing place and there are people who seek to control it - to
control US.  You and me.  The very people on this mailing list.  I
encourage all to go forth and place your Google queries with the very
words "define:The Zeitgeist Movement"

With love to you all, spectator or participant in this discussion,




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