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Re: Spam Rules, per argument (Re: Any package for surveys?)

On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 11:22 AM, elbbit <elbbit@gmail.com> wrote:
I don't "work" like you do.  I live in a world without money, without
rules and restrictions, without deadlines and targets.  I don't labour
anything - I leisure everything.

So Simon, you must be the poor man I pass on the street every day and give Quarters to for coffee?

Here is a label for you to chew on YOU ARE A SPAMMER! *THIS* list is for FreeBSD-related questions not for you to shove your inflammatory words down our throats. You've made your point, now please go away. No one *ON THIS LIST* wants to read your words, we no longer care about your opinion or what it means because you clearly don't care about our opinion for you to change the subject and get on a topic for this list.

Speaking of topics ... just because a mailing list is open for you to send mail to DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN SPAM IT WITH NONSENSE!!!!! freebsd-questions has a purpose and it would be wise for you to adhere to it, there are also rules of etiquette which you should also adhere to.

Each piece of mail you have sent has been reported to your ISP/Carrier. Each piece of mail you continue to send will lodge you yet another complaint. I will continue to do this till I piss your ISP/Carrier off SO bad, they are left with two choices .... nullroute me or deal with you .... since I have many thousands of domains at my disposal, I think, from a business perspective, they will choose to cut you off, cold-turkey then deal w/ the technical resources required to continue to block me, also if enough other people from both the freebsd and debian lists complain, your ISP/Carrier may even choose to seek legal action from you. You *are* in violation of your agreement, a legally binding contract in your country of origin and the ISP/Carrier.

Simon, do not reply, we no longer wish to here your dribble and we so desperately wish for you to crawl back into the hole whence you came.

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