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Re: Spam Rules, per argument (Re: Any package for surveys?)

On 28/01/11 16:15, Robert Bonomi wrote:
>> From elbbit@gmail.com  Fri Jan 28 08:59:21 2011
>>> On 28/01/11 12:28, Robert Bonomi wrote:
>>>> see: <http://www.pearlgates.net/nanae/rulesofspam.shtmld>
>>> Rule #0: Spam is theft.
>> Mail servers are offering a service.  If you don't want to receive >>
spam stop offering the service.
>>> Angel's Commentary: Spammers believe it's okay to steal a little >>>
bit from each person on the Internet at once.
>> Stealing... taking without consent... hey, you offered to deliver
>> some mail for me.
> LIE.
What?  Now you are saying that you didn't offer to send the mail for me?
 You just received THIS email so you are STILL offering the service of
reception to me.

> The mailing list operator offered to deliver mail for a SPECIFIC
> PURPOSE.  You _disregarded_ that purpose.
Please identify the purpose if it is not "discussion."  We are
discussing "spam," are we not?

>>> Rule #1: Spammers lie.
>> Assumptive.  Just like when you lose something you assume it may be
>> gone for ever, but wait, no, there it is, you left it in your
>> pocket.  Assumptions can be wrong as well as right.
> Your  are a spammer.
Assumptive.  I could label you back, but I am able to control my emotions.

> you lied. see above.  Q.E.D.
I'm not going to repeat something which has already been done.  This is
the equivalent of making a journey from my office to the mail box twice
just to deliver a single envelope.

> The rest of your 'analysis' simply proves Shar's Commentary.
Who is Shar?  And what did they comment?  A reference please.  I tried a
Google search for this, but it is too vague.

> Enjoy the fruits of your labors.
I don't "work" like you do.  I live in a world without money, without
rules and restrictions, without deadlines and targets.  I don't labour
anything - I leisure everything.




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