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Re: Why is Evolution and Epiphany now a part of gnome-core?

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011 05:10:30 +0000, T o n g wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:36:57 +0000, Camaleón wrote:
> Camaleón, I read all your posts, and agree to them all. But I have to
> say I don't agree with you on this one.

No problem. I value most a good argumentation (being positive or 
negative) than any simple "hey, me too" point of view :-)
> For *this specific case*, I *do* consider the DD's reply being
> "pointlessly abrasive, inappropriate and offensive". 

And I also agree with you on that. The "wording" used here by the devel 
is totally useless and only makes the OP even anger. Needless to say it 
does help to solve the issue at all :-(

(small note: devels have also "bad" days)

> Giving such a jerky backlash, do you think it will make any difference
> for 1, or 10 or even a thousand Debian users oppose the DD's decision?

If there is enough people who wants the bug to be reviewed and they are 
completely ignored by the maintainer, why not? You can even arise this 
issue in Debian's devel mailing list or even contact the Board to review 
the situation and acts accordingly. "Abuse" should not occur neither in 
one side (devels/maintainers/packagers) nor another (users).
>> Debian is a distribution that tends to split packages a lot (and I mean
>> *a lot*) which I really think _is a good practice_ because it gives
>> both, plain users (by means of metapackages) and admins (by cherry
>> picking just the needed packages) the full control on their systems.
> Totally agree. Also, please note, for this specific case, the DD doesn't
> even have to get himself into trouble fiddling with the gnome-core
> packages. Just put those off-loading packages into, say,
>  gnome-cd1 = GNOME installation designed to fit on one CD
> Nobody would care which GNOME packages he think should go into CD 1, and
> nobody would say anything.

Maybe the DD should have been clarified a bit more his decision. 

As I read it, it seems there has been some changes in the "gnome-session" 
package that now has "additional" dependencies (in fact, if you carefully 
compare both, "gnome-session" package in lenny with squeeze's, you can 
note that while in lenny, most of the required packages are libraries, 
debian's "gnome-session" package _now_ depends on "gnome-panel" or 
"metacity", to just cite some of the "big" ones) so I can understand the 
diatribe of the devel here: "gnome-core" has grown in size and 
dependencies (and I suppose not by his desire) so its primary role of the 
metapackage (to be a lightweight GNOME) has been vanished and should be 
rethinked again. 

Finally, he decided to give it another role → "gnome-core" as metapackage 
for a GNOME DE that fits into a CD.

Good or bad decision? Dunno, it's "just" a decision and as such can be 
enhanced, revoked, confirmed... as anything in this life :-)



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