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squeeze us-intl w/ dead keys on i386/pc/qwerty keyboard


I've googled this with no helpful results (several unhelpful results
regarding dpkg-reconfigure console-data though).

I want to get back to the old behavior I had where my i386/pc/qwerty
keyboards had dead keys for international characters (like ~n, but
with the ~ over the n).

Can this be done anymore or not?

dpkg-reconfigure console-data and selecting all keyboards provides me
this (abbreviated) list:
pc / qwerty / US american / Standard / Standard
pc / qwerty / US american / Standard / US International (ISO 8859-1)
pc / qwerty / US american / Standard / US International (ISO 8859-15)
pc / qwerty / US american / Standard / With latin1

"dead keys" are not in the list.  I've tried some of these (the first
two choices), but no dead keys.  The nice thing about dead keys
(besides being used to them) is that they worked in xterm, OpenOffice,
IceWeasel, etc.

I will RTFM gladly if pointed at the appropriate FM to R.


David A. Bandel
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