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Re: Can Debian Backup ntfs File System?

On Monday 29 November 2010 16:47:31 Camaleón wrote:
> Oh, c'mon. There is no need to be a "computer scientist" to care about
> your data. Not today. You can buy a USB external disk (or DVD media) and
> put there your beloved files. Even Windows can automate this task for you.

In my experience hoi polloi simply don't understand the value of or need for 
backup.  I frequently find people who have data that is very important to 
them, even crucial to their business, who have no backup.  They think of the 
computer as some sort of incomprehensible magic, not a machine whose 
behaviour can be predicted or analysed, and which can fail.

I'll give you an example.  One old lady, whose computing I supported, 
took 'photos of all her holidays, which she looked at often to cheer herself 
up and remind her of a happy experience.  These 'photos were very valuable to 
her.  I repeatedly advised her to have an off-computer copy, instead of 
having only the one copy on one HDD.  (She wiped the 'photos from her camera 
memory card as soon as she had uploaded them.)

One day she messed up her registry to the point where reinstallation was 
essential.  She assured me when asked that her precious 'photos were all fine 
and she had off-computer copies of all of them.  When, after the event, it 
became obvious that a small percentage of the photos was missing, she asked 
me to install Picasa "because that is where those 'photos are". 

Don't underestimate the gulf of incomprehension that exists in the non-geek 
world at large.


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