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Re: What happened to consolechars?

On Lu, 03 ian 11, 01:13:39, Phil Requirements wrote:
> On 2011-01-02 14:23:55 -0500, Thomas H. George wrote:
> > Some characters are not displayed correctly on my monitor.  The command
> > consolechars -d used to correct this problem but now it is unknown.
> > 
> > Specifically the problem is typically with the arrows which mutt uses to
> > indicate the subject threads.  Instead of lines and arrows the display
> > uses the letter a with a circumflex, the 3/4 character, the copywrite
> > symbol and another special symbol.
> > 
> > In text occasionally odd symbols appear in the middle of words and in
> > place of numbers or bullets in lists of items.
> I don't know the answer to where consolechars is hiding, but I wanted
> to give you something else to think about. The problem you are
> describing, where special characters, like line-drawing characters and
> bullets, have been replaced with weird characters, is the classic
> symptom of an application not supporting UTF-8.
> In this case, I think it is your terminal emulator which is not
> supporting UTF-8. What terminal emulator are you using? Try running
> mutt in xterm and see if the arrows improve.

Except for the GUI type ones (lxterm, terminal, gnome-terminal, konsole, 
...) AFAIK only xterm, rxvt-unicode and mlterm have decent UTF-8 
support. Also, make sure the used font is correct. I would recommend 
Terminus (package xfont-terminus).

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