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Re: firewall package for laptop wi-fi client

* tv.debian@googlemail.com <tv.debian@googlemail.com> [110103 09:24]:

> Hello, if you are looking for a graphical front end you can look at
> gufw, firestarter and guarddog. For text based tools I ear good things
> about shorewall.

I am looking for a package which is easy to configure, whether text or
gui; in this respect firestarter looks good.

> But if you do only web browsing and email and don't run any
> web-facing services you should be fine anyway.

I do not understand; what is a "web-facing service"?

> The major threats are web browser security holes (update often)
> especially through flash and java plug-ins, and pdf.

Flash and java are in most web pages.  Does a firewall not protect
against these threats? or are browser updates necessary even with a

> Hosting windows virus in mails attachments can also be a problem if
> you have win machines on the lan, virus scanner clamav can help
> here.

This is a Window$-free environment.

> Firewall alone won't protect you from man in the middle and such
> niceties on open untrusted networks.

Understood.  This need is for socializing around the table at
StarBucks, Internet cafes, etc.  



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