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Re: firewall package for laptop wi-fi client

On the 03/01/2011 05:42, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> I need recommendations for a Debian firewall package to be installed
> on a laptop or notebook which is used for web browsing and web-based
> email in public wi-fi hotspots.
> My concern is to prevent infection or compromise of the laptop, so
> that the laptop may be connected safely to a home or
> office LAN which is protected by a dedicated firewall.  
> My previous experience with firewalls has been limited to dedicated
> machines running firewall software such as SmoothWall.

Hello, if you are looking for a graphical front end you can look at
gufw, firestarter and guarddog. For text based tools I ear good things
about shorewall.
But if you do only web browsing and email and don't run any web-facing
services you should be fine anyway. The major threats are web browser
security holes (update often) especially through flash and java
plug-ins, and pdf. Hosting windows virus in mails attachments can also
be a problem if you have win machines on the lan, virus scanner clamav
can help here.
Firewall alone won't protect you from man in the middle and such
niceties on open untrusted networks.

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