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Re: problems with grub2 and usb-keyboard

Geronimo wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> >  In which case an update to the BIOS may be needed.
> I was pretty faithless about your hint. But ...
> ... I went to hell for that fu...nny BIOS update (without any M$-System and 
> without floppy - no way :( 
> I had to dig for my old floppy drive) and after update, I could not see any 
> visual difference ...
> ... but - it works :)
> So thanks a lot for your hint!

I always hate it how poor vendors are at publishing changelogs for
BIOS updates.  We never really know what is in them.  It is
disconcerting to do an update on blind faith that it won't be worse
than before.  Maybe one day all computers can use a free software BIOS
that we can see and understand.



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