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saslauthd in squeeze requires restart once in awhile


I'm using sasl support with postfix for TLS/SSL support.
saslauthd is set for pam authentication, and this is configured
to use winbind.  It all works!

Once in awhile - twice a month I think it has been - users
report logins to SMTP is failing.  When I test saslauthd,
with testsaslauthd -s smtp, it fails.  If I restart only saslauthd
and run the same testsaslauthd from my command line history,
it works.  The test command is run local and is using authentication
which would rely on the chain of : saslauthd-> pam -> winbind .

I don't see any easy way to control the logging from saslauthd - it seems
to be run it in debug mode and therefore in the foreground or nothing.

Are there any suggestions on how I can trace what is happening
while at the same time not causing too much disruption for users?
Generally I have to get the service back up for them quickly,
but I might have a minute or so to gather some sort
of information when the thing fails.

The information I see in the mail logs looks like normal authentication
failures, which happen once in awhile for the normal reasons,
so there isn't much to see there.


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