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Re: please correct me on my code?

hadi motamedi wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > ... trimmed ...

In the future please trim quoted messages.  That was a lot of text
that shouldn't be posted repeatedly.

> Thank you very much for your technical support.

Of course you know that this is a user discussion list and NOT paid
technical support.  Debian is a community of people who work together.
I found your problem interesting, I have been programming the shell
for a long time, and so looked at it.  David Sastre and Camaleón also
contributed significantly for similar reasons.

> I found many important notes inside your message that I wrote them
> for future usage.

I am glad you found it useful.

> I tried for your new code but if you do me favor and try by your own
> then you will see difference in MTP3 and SCCP modules (between ones
> obtained from the code and ones found manually). I appreciate your
> reply if you can let me know why and how?

I did try it myself and posted the result.  Your test case does not
include any "MTP3" or "SCCP" data.  Therefore I cannot know what it
looks like and I cannot test it on data that I do not have.


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