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Re: problems with grub2 and usb-keyboard

Hi Bob,

first of all thank you for your attention.

Bob Proulx wrote:
> It sounds like your BIOS is not supporting legacy usb devices.  Boot
> to your BIOS setup page and look for an option that says something
> like Enable Legacy USB Devices.  

My BIOS was dated from this year and it had no option about "Legacy USB 
Devices" - only "Legacy Storage Devices", which had been enabled already.

>  In which case an update to the BIOS may be needed.

I was pretty faithless about your hint. But ...
... I went to hell for that fu...nny BIOS update (without any M$-System and 
without floppy - no way :( 
I had to dig for my old floppy drive) and after update, I could not see any 
visual difference ...

... but - it works :)

So thanks a lot for your hint!

kind regards


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