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Re: problems with grub2 and usb-keyboard

Geronimo wrote:
> I have some trouble with grub2 and usb-keyboard.
> The keyboard works with BIOS and after booting with X - but grub2 does not 
> accept any keystroke.
> If I wonna change the boot device selection, I have to plug in a ps2
> keyboard, which is quite a bit annoying.
> What can I do to get grub2 accept the keystrokes from usb-keyboard?

It sounds like your BIOS is not supporting legacy usb devices.  Boot
to your BIOS setup page and look for an option that says something
like Enable Legacy USB Devices.  That is what is needed to make a USB
keyboard work at that early stage of the boot process.

If you have a quite old BIOS then it may not have support for USB yet.
When USB interfaces were first added to motherboards it took a while
for the BIOS to catch up and support them.  In which case an update to
the BIOS may be needed.

But hopefully you will simply find the legacy USB option to enable in
your BIOS and then it will work.


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