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Re: scrollbar on left side

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 21:17, Chris Davies <chris-usenet@roaima.co.uk> wrote:
> Which is why usability testing is (should be) so important. Preferably
> at the prototype/design stage rather than as an afterthought just
> before release.

Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you kidding? In reference to KDE, at least, I have stopped providing
> usability feedback [...] because their "usability expert" or whatever
> insists that users cannot report on what they want or need because
> they do not understand.

I hadn't intended to touch such a sensistive issue! I don't particularly
want to get embroiled in a KDE usability issue, if for no other reason
than I don't personally use KDE.

For website design I can thoroughly recommend Steve Krug's "Don't make
me think". But that's now way off-topic.


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