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Re: Upgrade to Squeeze failed

On 10/24/2010 11:52 PM, lrhorer wrote:

         Well, this is the third or fourth upgrade to Squeeze from Lenny I have
attempted, and they all have been painful.  This one has failed,
though.  I upgraded and got everything working, but then I decided to
clean up a bit.  I did a couple of runs of `apt-get autoremove` and an
`apt-get upgrade, along with installing startupmanager.  I removed the
old 2.6.26 kernel image, and then updated Grub.  Then I rebooted the
machine. Grub comes up, and if I let it boot to Windows, it works, but
if I select Linux (normal or recovery), very shortly after starting to
boot the video output from the machine just dies.  I don't mean it goes
blank, I mean the video goes away altogether, as if the machine is shut
down.  The monitor reports a loss of video signal, yet the PC is still
running and continues to access the hard drive.

         When it was working, the machine would start out in text mode, but
quickly would switch to graphics mode when booting.

Do you mean when the console text mode switches fonts (to the uglier but more readable font), or when X is started? That is, is the first mode set failing, or is it the second one, the actual switch to the desktop? If the latter, boot to single-user mode and investigate. If the former, you need to intervene during the boot process by telling the kernel what text mode you want manually (boot parameter).

 I am not certain,
but I think it is at this same point the video output dies, now.  I've
tried booting from the installation CD and removing then re-installing
xorg, kdm, and kdebase.  No joy.  What should I try, now?

         I captured the dmesg and syslog files, but nothing jumps out at me.  Is
there something specific for which I should look in the logs?

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