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Re: KDE Question

Sam Leon wrote:

> On 10/11/2010 09:37 PM, Dmitryi wrote:
>> KDE 4 is a nightmare. How can KDE 3.5.x be installed on Debian testing?
>> Is there a package repository somewhere?
> What exactly is your problem? After spending about 2 hours with kde4 I
> had it working very similar to 3.5. True, it did take 2 hours but now I
> know how everything works. Most all the effects can be disabled, I don't
> see any performance hits. You can change the Kmenu back to the old style
> if you want. You are probably going to spend more than 2 hours trying to
> install 3.5....
> Sam

Hi, I haven't read the discussions here for few weeks because I was busy
upgrading opensync plugin for kde called akonadi-sync. I think kde4.5 is
somehow usable, but it did not meet my expectations. If you are interested
read my story. I wanted to see if I can replace my 3.5 with 4.5 but
definitely not yet.

In fact it is very funny to read mails about people's first experience with
kde. I've just read in the end of 2008 what kde team is doing and why they
are release this crappy stuff. The problem is (according to me) that they
are not a commercial company. Otherwise they won't ever think of doing so.
So after I found out that it is a crap without even installing it I started
waiting and following few threads in few groups. As with kde 3 I thought
kde 4 will become pretty usable in it's 5th "incarnation", but still it is
not, so basically I don't understand why the debian team does not recognize
this and drops the unusable crap from squeeze before it became testing and
include the latest 3.5 (I am afraid it is too late now).
Finally debian is the issue and not KDE (again in my opinion) because debian
is aiming to be the most stable linux distro (or I would claim if they
don't). Of course the desktop (among other desktops) is not that important
component of the debian distro, but I think I am not the only one that
wants to go on with kde 3 until kde4 is really at production level or
nearly to what kde 3.5 offers.

The problems:
- There are still many kde3 programs that are not ported (and probably will
be not ported at all)
- There are still some strange things happening in kde4.5 (bugs and kind of)
- Some of the ported applications are also crappy
- It is missing translations (also the apps)

The features
- It is definitely better from design point of view
- It will be charming when running stable
- A lot of things are integrated or work in integrity together (because of
the design)
- it is developing rapidly

Still my expectations to find kde4.5 similar to kde3.5 are not met and I am
definitely not planning to use it before 4.6 or later usable version goes
into debian.

Thank you for mentioning the trinity project, I've almost forgotten.
I think the weather will be rainy during the weekend, so I know what I'll be


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