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Re: KDE Question

On Jo, 14 oct 10, 18:22:15, deloptes wrote:

> So after I found out that it is a crap without even installing it I started
> waiting and following few threads in few groups. As with kde 3 I thought
> kde 4 will become pretty usable in it's 5th "incarnation", but still it is
> not, so basically I don't understand why the debian team does not recognize
> this and drops the unusable crap from squeeze before it became testing and
> include the latest 3.5 (I am afraid it is too late now).
> Finally debian is the issue and not KDE (again in my opinion) because debian
> is aiming to be the most stable linux distro (or I would claim if they
> don't). Of course the desktop (among other desktops) is not that important
> component of the debian distro, but I think I am not the only one that
> wants to go on with kde 3 until kde4 is really at production level or
> nearly to what kde 3.5 offers.

Considering that the life expectancy of squeeze is ~3 years IMHO it 
would have been wrong to stay with 3.5. Having both would be ideal, but 
the KDE team lacks manpower.

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