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Re: KDE Question

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:59:47 +0100, Lisi wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 October 2010 23:39:06 Camaleón wrote:


>> But just in case, give it a chance to KDE 4.5 (play with it in a
>> virtual machine and start it from time to time) and also, test another
>> desktops. Experience tells me that sticking to just one thing it can be
>> very dangerous... and very frustrating.
> Why?  KDE 4 has nothing in common with KDE 3 other than the name.  

That is because you are looking at KDE 4.5 with different eyes. It's not 
KDE 4, it's you!. Just let it be the same way KDE 3.5 looked and the 
magic will be done.

> I have given KDE 4 a chance.  I don't like it.  I don't understand why
> there is this moral crusade to treat KDE 3 lovers as some kind of
> pig-headed throwback. 

All that is in your mind. Nobody pretends nothing and noone is forcing 
you to follow one or another path. I am saying what I am seeing and to be 
fair, you can like KDE 4 or not but what you cannot say (not at this 
point of development) is that KDE4 cannot look like KDE 3.5. I've managed 
to did it so and it can be done.

> _Of course_ KDE 3.5.10 is not going to last
> forever - in fact Trinity KDE has already reached 3.5.12.  But it could
> evolve organically.  And I have been trying other DEs.  I have just
> lived for 10 days with xfce.  I did not find it enjoyable.

It is very difficult to add new features for a desktop that its own base 
is over 10 years... and more difficult when there are not many people 
behind the scenes, programming such new additions.

As said, nobody prevents you of using a static KDE 3.5 (hey, there are 
people out there running windows98 and they are so happy :-P) it's just 
that saying you cannot get the same behaviour with KDE 4.5 is at least, 

> Of course one day KDE 3 will die.  So will I.  So will GNOME.  So will
> the planet.  I have never said that I will not change - merely that I do
> not want to do so until I have to.

Open Souce projects move very fast: they can die and born very quickly. 
KDE is a big project that needs a big workforce to succeed.
> But why is using it "dangerous"?   There is a good chance that it will
> outlive me. ;-)  And if it doesn't, I'll use something else. :-)  But
> that something else is unlikely to be KDE 4.

What is dangerous is using/sticking to "just" one option (named KDE 3.5 
or KDE 4.5, or GNOME 2.22). Because you, me... all depend of what 
developers want to do with them (keep it, throw it) so I always try to 
keep my mind open to new environments as I don't know what the future 

> Sorry, Camaleón.  I realise that what you are saying is fairly mild. 
> But I have been subject to an onslaught over this by Dotan, who is a KDE
> 4 zealot, so I am a bit touchy about attempts to cajole, persuade, bully
> or compel, me into KDE 4.  KDE 4 seems to be all about look and glitz
> and nothing about function.  Function is important to me.

I don't think Dotan is that type of guy. I know him (well, I know his 
posts) from openSUSE mailing list and thanks to him (besides other users) 
and his bugzilla reports, KDE 4 is now completely usable :-)



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