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Re: KDE Question

On Tue, 12 Oct 2010 23:20:39 +0100, Lisi wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 October 2010 22:47:45 Camaleón wrote:
>> In fact, KDE 4.5 can be (almost 100%) configured to play the same KDE
>> 3.5 did. It takes some time to get the same look&feel, but you can
>> leave a quite similar desktop.
> "quite similar", "almost 100%", "configured to _play_ the same".  Ouch. 
> Spend long enough and you will get something that is almost, but not
> quite, totally unlike tea.  But it still won't _play_ right.  I want to
> *use* my DE not look at it.  I want its looks to be in no way a
> distraction.  Maybe restful on the eyes.  That's all I want the looks to
> do.
> But the functionality - now that I mind about, some bits more than
> others.

(after some rant... :-P)

Yes, yes... I know all that (I've been there). 

But if you still love KDE, just give KDE 4.5 a chance. Spend 15 minutes 
in setting up the way you liked (meaning: remove all the fancy effects, 
use plain desktop, disable akonadi, strigi and that stuff, forget 
activities, return to the standard icons on the desktop...) and you're 
done. You'll get a plain and simple desktop, the same KDE 3.5 used to 
be :-)

> I have continued to use Lenny largely because I do not want to lose KDE
> 3.x.x any sooner than I have to.  And because I always hoped that
> someone more knowledgable and adept than I would miss/want KDE 3.5.x as
> much as I did, and carry it forward.  And someone did and has. \o/

Yep, but supporting KDE 3.5 cannot last forever. You have to face that 
and you'll have to decide what way to choose, just be prepared ;-(

> I have already tried Trinity Kubuntu, with some success, but it was not
> really stable at the time.  So I am going to install Trinity KDE on a
> machine other than my workhorse desktop, but that I am using quite a lot
> at the moment.  I am really looking forward to it.  Squeeze, here I
> come!

Good luck! :-)

But just in case, give it a chance to KDE 4.5 (play with it in a virtual 
machine and start it from time to time) and also, test another desktops. 
Experience tells me that sticking to just one thing it can be very 
dangerous... and very frustrating.



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