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Re: KDE Question

On Tuesday 12 October 2010 22:47:45 Camaleón wrote:
> In fact, KDE 4.5 can be (almost 100%) configured to play the same KDE 3.5
> did. It takes some time to get the same look&feel, but you can leave a
> quite similar desktop.

"quite similar", "almost 100%", "configured to _play_ the same".  Ouch.  Spend 
long enough and you will get something that is almost, but not quite, totally 
unlike tea.  But it still won't _play_ right.  I want to *use* my DE not look 
at it.  I want its looks to be in no way a distraction.  Maybe restful on the 
eyes.  That's all I want the looks to do.

But the functionality - now that I mind about, some bits more than others.

I have continued to use Lenny largely because I do not want to lose KDE 3.x.x 
any sooner than I have to.  And because I always hoped that someone more 
knowledgable and adept than I would miss/want KDE 3.5.x as much as I did, and 
carry it forward.  And someone did and has. \o/

I have already tried Trinity Kubuntu, with some success, but it was not really 
stable at the time.  So I am going to install Trinity KDE on a machine other 
than my workhorse desktop, but that I am using quite a lot at the moment.  I 
am really looking forward to it.  Squeeze, here I come!


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