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Re: Howto add autostartup applications

On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 14:28:01 -0500, Brian Ryans wrote:

> Quoting Camaleón on 2010-10-09 06:07:19:
>> You can launch "gkrellm" by going to "system → prefs → sessions →
>> startup" and adding a new entry that points to the binary "/usr/bin/
>> gkrellm".
> Wouldn't putting a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart serve to make
> the program autostart on _any_ XDG-compliant system? That's what I'm
> getting from reading the spec (though it's marked Draft currently)
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html

And that is _exactly_ what you get by following the instructions I 
provided (which is one of the benefits of using a Freedesktop compliant 
DE like GNOME).

In brief: "All roads lead to Rome" ;-)



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