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Re: Lenny backports installation of one package only

Russell Gadd wrote:
> Doing some further investigation it looks like it may be unsafe to install a
> later version of iceweasel as it seems to require a later version of a
> package which then breaks the older gnucash:

I always hate it when there are mutually exclusive conflicts.

You might do what many of us running a 64-bit system do, create a
32-bit chroot and run the newer Iceweasel from there.  I use
debootstrap to create a 32-bit chroot running Sid.  In the chroot I
install Iceweasel and keep it updated.  I run Iceweasel from there.
Since it is a chroot there and the only thing I run in that one is
Firefox then I don't have any conflicts with any other package.




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