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Re: Re: Re: 2 identical GSM-modem discern.

or it is possible w/ chat to find out device IMEI?


I could send atd*#06# and got a long number as answer.

I wrote a script to give single commands, using chat in it.
I will try to rewrite it later today, so that it is more generally useful.

Attempt to talk to modem using the chat command.
( could not test it, no modem here now )


# 2010-1007 Jasper / talk to a USB-modem

exit_msg () { echo -e $1; exit; }


[ -e $modem_device ] || exit_msg "no modem at $modem_device ?"


[ -n "$1" ] || exit_msg "use: modem_cmd -command- "

echo "ABORT ERROR" > $modem_chat_script
echo "\"\" $1" >> $modem_chat_script
echo "OK \"\"" >> $modem_chat_script


chat -E -s -V -f $modem_chat_script <$modem_device >$modem_device

# ( or: /usr/sbin/chat .... )


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