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Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Wolodja:

> Why don't you just use the images provided by kmuto? They are exactly
> what you are looking for. I don't get your resistence ...

No any resistance absolutely! I think too that it is the thing I'm
looking for. Just two important things remain for me w/ the solution:

1. If it is trustable/secure as the stable Debian (for for now all I
have is just phrases like "believe me" w/ no any farther approval from
the Debian project). In other words and including of all I have on that
item is this: I can not make strong relationship of the author's work w/
the Debian project - I have been told he is one of the developers but,
searching for any info on him at the debian.org or a list of
developers - was unsuccessful for me. So, I even can not check the fact
as if he is still the Debian developer. Also, I do not know the Debian
project developers opinion|accreditation on his this work (the CDs he

2. I see that I still will need probably, to have /boot at ext3 - the
thing I do not want, so I want to know a lot on this before I try to
have ext4 again.

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